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An effective counseling program for all kinds of couples.


Modern life has placed a tremendous burden on us.  Everyday responsibilites and stress can take their toll on the most important part of what we live for...our relationships.

Michael Pipich, LMFT understands that couples start counseling with a variety of problems and conflicts, some requiring urgent attention.  That's why counseling services typically start with a five session initial phase, to fully evaluate problem areas and begin finding mutual solutions.  After the initial phase, many couples proceed past the "crisis" that brought them in, and pursue a program to better understand themselves individually and find more pleasure in each other.

Problems as severe as infidelity, substance abuse or violence are not uncommon, and can be addressed quickly and safely.  But marriage counseling can also include new ways to enhance communication skills to build a better family life.

Let's get your spouse in here!

People new to counseling often complain that they can't convince their spouses to come with them.  Call today to find out how to get your spouse going!